iON Fire series golf gloves energy - neon orange

Experts fashion i-Pure anion energy healthy

Product Number: IPG05-OR

Marketplace Number: 000370

Type: IPG05-OR

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  1. The entire pair of gloves Tripure exclusive use of performance fabrics and Tripure PU leather, feel comfortable, never!


  1. Using elastic fabric and cut two-stage special way, covering great sense to meet a variety of sizes, obedient breathable, almost forget the existence!


  1. The exclusive use of the latest Tripure fabrics and PU leather, can effectively remove odor, smell of sweat, exclusive material can be easily washed and prolong life.


  1. Function Tripure fabrics and PU leather with a sense of cool and breathable!


  1. antibacterial and antifungal, so play more without the burden!


  1. accelerate warm-up, so that the hand grip is more lightweight, power release more comfortable!


  1. multicolor diverse and unique cut designed to allow golfers more confident relaxed swing!